Studio Mark Randel mit Sir David Chipperfield

Eine Zusammenarbeit zwischen Mark Randel und Sir David Chipperfield Mark Randel has worked for David Chipperfield Architects for over 23 years, including his last seven years as a partner. In many projects he has cultivated his interest in a respectful and very physical architecture in many countries including Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, and China. Space is the physical framework of life. In every aspect, it stimulates our moods and influences our sense of well-being. Therefore, no design task is more meaningful to us than creating environments for living. In the broadest sense of the term, this is our focus, be it within a residential or public project. The in-between spaces — corridors, staircases, or loggias — define the way we experience buildings as we move through them. As a result, they receive our greatest attention. Studio Mark Randel Founded in 1985, David Chipperfield Architects has an international reputation for expertise in design process and for the enduring quality of its projects. Working across the private and public sectors, the practice’s diverse portfolio includes celebrated cultural, residential, education, retail, workplace and civic projects. The practice’s approach is grounded in a concern for the social and environmental sustainability of the built environment and its role in our collective quality of life. David Chipperfield Architects

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